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The Cowguys show is the perfect choice for your next Festival, Corporate Event, or Community Function.

The Cowguys show features a barrage of tricks laced with continuous patter between themselves and the audience. They create a nonstop roller-coaster ride of a show by expertly meshing a high level of technical skill with their funny and approchable demeanor. Also avid ad-libbers, The Cowguys love to interact with the crowd and find humour amongst their spectators. Their best shows are those in which the crowd "creates" it's own material. Aside from keeping shows interesting for themselves, these ad-libbed bits are what keep crowds coming back to see The Cowguys' show again and again.

The show has been performed in English, French and to music. The Cowguys have performed in Canada, USA, Singapore, Scotland, England, Belgium, Holland and Spain.

The Cowguys offer shows featuring one or two or even three Cowguys. This selection in shows enables them to suit your event, or budget perfectly.

Skills found in the show include:

• juggling
• acrobatics
• balloon origami
• physical comedy
• hat manipulation
• magic tricks
• head-object balancing
• improvisation

• yo-yo
• ladder balancing / walking
• stilt-walking
• diabolo (Chinese yo-yo)
• bullwhip
• fire-eating & manipulation
• circus stunts
• chicken throwing

* *Note not all skills are utilized in every show.

Sound systems
The Cowguys can come with two wireless microphones and a battery operated PA with stand and CD player. Their sound system is good for crowds of up to 400 people. For larger crowds a house system is recommended. Their mics can easily be patched into all/most existing sound boards.

A $2 million dollar liability insurance plan is included when you book The Cowguys.


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